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Rainbow Jaguar Institute

INKA PACHAS 2024. Cosmovision two (prerequisite is Cosmovision one) 
Inka Cosmology for Personal Empowerment and Growth

Cosmovision 4: 4/18-21

Cosmovision 1: 4/25-28

Cosmovision 2: 9/22-9/26

Advanced CV:  10/3-10/6* Must be a full mesa carrier

             Thursday 2pm (arrive by 1:00 to settle up and in) – Sunday 1pm 
             Kayru Lodge in Palo Colorado Canyon (directions given upon registration)

Dear friends,

      I’d like to invite you to an exciting journey of exploration and growth through the Inka Medicine Path. This thousand year old tradition of love and power practiced by Inka Shamans will be able to heal and empower your lives, children, and communities. Here’s a brief description of the training program.

     Inka Medicine People have mastered practical ways to effectively heal, transform and envision the human experience in accordance with the principles of Heaven and Earth. These ancient maps teaches us to engage reality through heart-centered processes,securing optimal conditions for wellbeing, creativity, equilibrium and light. For thousands of years, a Cosmovision of Power and Healing has been used effectively to attain maximum benefit in the course of one’s life. Inka Pachas, or archetypal expressions of time and space through which life evolves and comes into full circle, is a four fold path to personal healing and empowerment. We learn the way of the shaman and track the Kausay or vital force that propels our journey in order to understand our imprints, wounds, behaviors, karma, potentials, vision, and ultimately our transcendence.

     This Peruvian based training series has been carefully structured to bring you tools, insights, and visionary skills.The Cosmology for Empowerment Series consists of 4 training sessions. The first deals with the memories of the soul, our individual and collective past. We learn the ways of the land, the ways of the Great Mother as we retrieve long lost soul pieces. As we recover our wounded past, through animistic ceremonies, we break free from the bindings of our imprints and patterns.

The second class teaches you the nature of perception and the Shaman’s way of seeing. Through the mastery of hypnagogic states, we are able to summon the memories of our healed states. We learn to map our healing, transformation, and embodiment of power.

     In the third class we explore the nature of time, of existence, of fulfillment. We learn to awaken to the knowledge that resides in our luminous bodies and break free from our limiting belief systems. Using tracking modalities we learn to navigate in different realms of consciousness and become familiar with the mystery teachings and spirit guides.

     The last session deals with the nature of Life and Death. We explore our individual and collective guiding mythologies and the big transitions of our human journey. We learn the subtleties of energy as we develop our own medicine body connected to the powers of the shaman’s animated altar.

Through this training we create a Mesa or Medicine Bundle that becomes our map of transformation and healing through the medicine path. A powerful body of knowledge, Ritual, Healing Techniques, and Rites of Passage become the axis of a strong medicine body. This learning program will take place in a healthy environment surrounded by natural settings. Lectures, experiential exercises and discussion are part of the core curricula. The program is geared around small group participation to promote community and to provide maximum benefits for growth and empowerment. It is recommended that you take the sessions in sequential order.

In Spirit,
Jose Luis Herrera

Jose Luis Herrera, a Peruvian native, was born into the thousand year old tradition of mountain and jungle wizards and mystics. During the last 27 years he has traveled extensively studying the different medicine traditions of the Americas with particular interest in his native Andes and Amazon. He’s a trained naturalist, explorer, and mountain guide. While formally educated in Engineering and Systems Sciences, his close connection with the Apus (mountain spirits) led him to climb professionally many mountains in Peru and Bolivia. Extensive expeditions, studies, and experiences have made of him one of the foremost experts in Peru. He’s the Chairman of the Andean Research Institute, a foundation dedicated to the preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and Ecology of the Rainforest. Jose Luis is highly respected and a recognized steward and teacher of indigenous knowledge and healing technologies. He’s the director of the Rainbow Jaguar Institute and teaches Cross Cultural

Shamanism and Healing in the Americas and Europe. His prestigious shamanic healing school has mentored, trained, and empowered hundreds of individuals and shamanic practitioners.

Tuition – $595. Please register by ASAP. A non-refundable registration fee of $200 is required to hold your space in the class. 
Check for class payable to Jose Luis Herrera. (not cashed until class). 
Mail checks to: Judith Mostyn P.O. Box 4697. Carmel, CA. 93921 
Questions? .judithmostyn@gmail.com 805-895-8880
Please note more info on housing options when you sign up.