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Let me introduce myself and my work. I’m Jennifer Allen and I love what I do. I’ve practiced psychotherapy and art therapy for over 25 years with a variety of experiences from hospice care, to facilitating Art for Access & grief ritual workshops at Esalen and other venues, to presenting on subjects I’m passionate about, to medical art therapy, to a private practice of 20 years—and, most recently, ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and psychedelic integration.

I have a Master of Science with specializations in Counseling Education and in Art Therapy, both of which I have full licensure/certification in. My undergraduate degree is in Fine Arts. I have certifications in EMDR, Natural Processing,Trauma-Informed Art Therapy, and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Research, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Yoga (200hr) and I’m a full mesa carrier in the Andean Cosmology traditions.

My specializations have been in grief and trauma using Natural Processing/EMDR, trauma-informed somatic art therapy and play therapy.
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Clinicians’ Experiential 4-day workshop
Non-Ordinary State Integration (click here for interview with Jennifer)
Women’s Wisdom Weaving Circle                                                                     Breathwork and Art                                                                                 Drawing from Nature:Inner and Outer Landscapes


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A True Story of Coming to Life in the Face of Impending Loss
What would happen if you followed that undeniable knowing that lives deep in your bones— and fell in love with someone who’s life was threatened by a serious illness? BONE KNOWING reveals the raw truth and messy consequences of such a choice in a compelling saga of love being worth the risk.

More than a summer page-turner, BONE KNOWING is a catalyst for intimate dialog on life, death, and love. It is a poignant saga of relationship and family challenged to redefine “hope” and find healing beyond cure.

Book clubs and psychology classes have used Bone Knowing as an invitation to explore ethical and emotional issues around the universal experiences of a loved one’s illness an death.

A book club section is included in the back of the book. Therapists and helpers can use Bone Knowing as a bibliotherapy resource for clients experiencing anticipatory grief.


Cinnamon Roll Sunday tells the story of seven-year-old Noah as he copes and adapting to the many changes implicit to a loved-one’s serous illness. The story spans from just after Daddy’s cancer diagnosis until after his death, and is told with tenderness, playfulness, and in a voice of resiliency.

What do you do when someone is very sick and might die? Anticipatory grief is a difficult issue to address as it counters the cultural taboo of talking about death with kids, especially if it might not happen or hasn’t yet happened. Cinnamon Roll Sunday answers that question for children, and in doing so, breaks the taboo, and bridge this gap in the field of grief.

Cinnamon Roll Sunday demonstrates through story how to cope with the uncertainty of illness in a family and how to have healthy, age-appropriate conversations about difficult subjects. Cinnamon Roll Sunday is intended to be read aloud by a parent, teacher, helper, or therapist to school-age children who have (had) a loved-one who is seriously ill.

All SET Game

Finally finished the first of a series of children’s board games that support different issues and are informed by neuropsychology. This one is for anticipatory grief. Co-created by my neuropsych-colleague, Charles, and I. #allsetchildrensgames, #playtherapy, #anticipatorygrief, #childrensgrief, #neuropsychology

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